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Top 7 Gadgets for Windows 7

Gadget Gadgets are no longer stuck to a sidebar in Windows 7 like they were in Vista. Now, gadgets are free to roam a user’s desktop. But which ones are the best for every user to have on their desktops? Gadgets can eat up space and resources so it’s important to only use low resource and informative gadgets.


7. Sudoku Suduku

My list starts with the popular puzzle game called, Sudoku. The addictive game sits nicely anywhere on the desktop. This gadget is very small and sleek looking with an expanded view option. Game buttons are available that make it easy to start a new game, check the puzzle answer, solve the puzzle, give a hint, and print the puzzle out on paper. In a future version, it would be nice to see a difficulty setting.

Author: LabPixies

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6.Facebook & Twitter ExplorerFacebook Twitter

Big on social networking? If the answer is yes, then you need the Facebook and Twitter Explorer. Both gadgets make it simple and easy to stay up-to-date with friends, send/receive messages, and tweets.

Author: BuildaGadget

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5. Stocks for Windows 7Stocks Stocks

At number 5 is the Stocks gadget for Windows 7. Follow your stocks daily progress on your desktop with this easy to use gadget. Finding any stock inside of this gadget is simple and fast. Display a line graph daily of the stocks activity. The gadget only displays 3 stocks at a time, but you can pan through very quickly using the scroll buttons provided.The colors used are either a nice glow of green (meaning your stock went up) or a glow of red (meaning your stock went down). In a future version alerts would be a nice feature.

Author: Steve

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4. GPU MonitorGPU ATI Nvidia

Number 4 is for all of the diehard gamers who want to keep an eye on their Graphic Processor Units. Keep track of your Core Temperature, Fan duty cycle, Framerate, and much more. 8 display options are available with 18 graphs to choose from. Drawback in that Rivatuner must be installed for the gadget to work.

Author: Nick

Help & Support:

Requirements: RivaTuner

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3.Pandora Radio Pandora Pandora

Who doesn’t love Pandora? At number 3, Pandora is one of the must have desktop gadgets. Very easy to setup. If you don’t have an account with Pandora, you can create one inside of the gadget! Manage stations, skip songs, buy songs, bookmark songs, and pretty much everything you can do with the browser version.



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2. Weather BugWeather Bug Weather Bug

Weather Bug, at number 2, gives fast news about weather conditions in your area. Extremely easy to setup. Just type in your zip code and your good to go! Look at Live Conditions, Future Forecast, Radar, and live outside camera views. If you are looking for the current temperature, highs and lows, or satellite radar, Weather Bug’s desktop gadget is for you.

Author:Weather Bug Engineer


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1. All CPU Meter (Eight, Quad, Triple, and Dual Core)All CPU Intel 

Finally! My number one desktop gadget for Windows 7 is the All CPU Meter. I have had this gadget since Windows Vista and is the first thing I put on my desktop when I loaded Windows 7. This gadget makes it easy to track how much RAM you are using and is free. Keep track of you CPU cores and their workload. You can monitor up to eight cores and displays a nice line graph as well. The All CPU Meter also monitors if an update is available.

Author: Keat

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Notes! : With so many great gadgets out there it’s hard to only pick seven. All of the gadgets listed in the article are compatible with Windows 7 and Vista. I personally do not run more than two or three gadgets at one time.

If you think there is a Windows 7 desktop gadget that is great and not included in this list, please comment.


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